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Pilot Test Charts

#11325 Houston Ship Channel Chart

#11325 Houston Ship Channel Chart

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 Houston Ship Channel Chart #11325

Vellum Paper Test Chart

     -Port Pilotage test chart

     -Transparent vellum paper

     -Best for use as test chart for USCG testing

     -Chart file is most recent and updated version

     -Paper has good transparency

     -Marks well with pencil with low smudge factor

     -Pencil lead erases well

     -Base print has fine line detail

     -Meets USCG paper requirements for pilotage test


White Paper Practice Chart

     -Port pilotage practice and study chart

     -Most economical for repetition studying

     -Not for USCG pilotage testing (practice and study only)

     -Base print has fine line detail

     -Chart file is most recent and updated version

     -Non-transparent white bond paper

     -Printed on 32# premium bond paper


NOAA Chart

     -Full size NOAA Chart

     -Full color

     -Printed on 32#, non-transparent, premium White bond paper


Overlay Chart

     -Printed on clear plastic mylar (like overhead projector material)

     -Full color print

     -NOAA chart file

     -Used for grading your own Test Charts or Practice Charts


11" x 17" Chartlet Pack

     - Individual, segmented chartlets of entire pilotage route

     - Best for repetition studying

     - Great for studying at standard size desk or table (no need for chart table)

     - Printed on White Paper (32# Bond)

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